International Business Coming to France

VRIES AVOCATS serves non-French companies doing business in France.

The firm assists companies from Europe, Asia and America (and in particular, Silicon Valley) to do business in France and to find the best way to start and develop their activity in France. The firm assists and advises non-French companies from the constitution of the company to its liquidation, through financing (via banks or through investors), business development (economic partnership, distribution contract, license agreement …), acquisitions (acquisition of assets or companies) and restructuring.

VRIES AVOCATS is a member of a French economic actors Ecosystem with professionals specialized in a myriad of industries (such as Media, HR, Global IT & Telco, Healthcare, Biotechnology, Internet, IT and Technology, and Real Estate) who may be consulted in order to help non-French companies seeking French and European development perspectives.

In relation with these experts, the firm can help non-French companies address the following challenges:

  • Where could I find trusted and talented experts in France to facilitate and turn my European investment into success?
  • What are my business opportunities regarding the European economic perspectives? What are the different stakes? What are the disruptive innovations?
  • How much do I have to invest and where?
  • How can I develop open and trustworthy relationships with my European partners and associates?
  • What is the right team size for a right go-to-market (strategy)? How can I take advantages of the strengths of local managers? How can I find the best managers, loyal staff with the right qualification and experience to do the job?
  • How can I adapt my products and services to the local market and culture?
  • How can I identify crucial legal, social and tax issues relevant to my activities?
  • What is the best means to reach European investors?
  • What support can I obtain from European/local agencies?



We have worked for several transactions in Europe or else where, including on the following:

  • Disposal (open bid) by a UK group of a French provider of financial and legal information to a French group
  • Disposal (open bid) by a UK group of a French provider of health information to a another UK group
  • Acquisition by a leading morocco bank and another banc and safety actor
  • Acquisition by a French company listed in Paris and NY of a US company (Triangular merger)
  • Acquisition by a US company listed on NYSE of French provider of computer services and products in the gaming industry
  • Joint-venture in Poland between two French companies
  • Disposal by a UK group of French company to a German group
  • Counsel of a UK investment fund for several financings in France
  • Counsel of a German group for the restructuring of its French activities